Fill Your Calendar With Quality Appointments!

Don't settle for buying leads, have EDU Planners put ACTUAL APPOINTMENTS on your calendar and fill your days with business like never before! EDU Planners has better show up rates & higher quality appointments for a better price!


Your business is in good hands.

We can't wait to start booking appointments for you!


A full calendar is a good thing! Hiring us to fill your calendar means you will spend less time chasing leads and more time writing business.


EDU Planners does thorough market research prior to soliciting appointments for lower no-show rates & higher quality appointments.


When your business is thriving, our business is thriving. Providing you with quality appointments, helping your business grow - is our whole world!

Appointment Plans & Pricing


Meet with professionals in education, municipalities and more - from your virtual office!

  • No Contract
  • We Cater to Your Market
  • EFT & Major Credit Cards


*40 appointment minimum

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Many financial professionals prefer meeting with their clients face-to-face.

  • Geographic Preference
  • No Contract
  • EFT & Major Credit Cards


*40 appointment minimum


Premium category clientele potentially net higher gains per appointment. For example:

  • Age 60 or More
  • University Employees
  • Federal Employees


*40 appointment minimum

Seminar Booking

We book your event with the venue. Then we market your event, confirm all attendees and fill all the seats. You just show up and be the ROCKSTAR!


*15 attendee minimum

Email Blast Marketing

With our cutting-edge email marketing system, you can unlock the full potential of your database and drive remarkable results for your product and service promotions. Experience increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates and a significant boost in your ROI. To learn more about our system and how it can transform your marketing efforts, please contact our team


We are a provider of quality appointments in the following industries:

• K - 12, Educators

• University Employees
• Police/ Fire Services
• State, County & Municipal Employees
• Federal Employees
• Mortgage & Lending
Other specialized niche markets call for custom pricing.

Potential Clients schedule the day and time they would like to speak with you. The more availability on your calendar the more appointments you can receive. Spend less time looking for new appointments and more time on them!

Invest in your business by purchasing quality appointments from EDU Planners. Please schedule a call with a Professional EDU Planner below so we can get you started.


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What happens if the appointment cancels?

Clients are provided with the contact information for someone who has expressed interest in retirement, insurance or financial services. If the appointment cancels we do not charge you. However, if the appointment is a no-show we still charge for the appointment because you are provided with their phone number and email address to be able to reschedule the appointment. If the agent cancels or is a no show, the agent is still charged for the appointment

How do I pay for appointments?

Payments can be made by Check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card Authorization (3% Credit Card fee applies). Appointment cost is based on a single invoice or payment authorization.

What if I want to discontinue receiving appointments?

Simply log in to the platform and adjust your availability to stop receiving appointments.

How do I close a virtual appointments?

Many appointments are being done virtually via Zoom; Gotomeeting; etc. Most insurance companies have online applications, allow e-signature and accept Zoom appointments as an in-person appointment. Please contact the insurance carrier to learn what their requirements are.

Can I contact the prospect prior to the appointment?

Absolutely! The more contact & communication you have with your potential client, the better. This is a good opportunity to determine if your meeting will be held via a phone or Zoom call.

Are these good leads?
These are not leads, they are actual appointments that are put on your calendar from individuals requesting an appointment with an agent. The greater your availability on your calendar — the more appointments you’ll receive!

How do I start getting appointments?

Contact an EDU Planning Specialist, they will work with you to establish your demographics & desired territories so we can do the proper research needed to establish your appointments. (Contact an EDU Planning Specialist HERE)

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